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10 Spring Colors to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Whenever you visit a big clothing store, you’re almost immediately assaulted by hundreds upon hundreds of different shades of colors, all wonderful in their own right. And yet, you always seem to gravitate toward the same handful of colors. You try on several skirts, yet you always end up buying the same color you already own, and while we agree that you can never have enough cute skirts, we think it’s time you diversified!

With spring almost on our doorstep, we’re taking this chance to review some of the hottest colors this coming season, and to inspire you to opt for some new (and different!) spring dresses this year.

Hot Tip: Not willing/able to head out to the stores this year? Not to worry, you can put together some of your best outfits through online shopping. And do you want to know what the main advantage of that is? No one pressuring you to choose - you can take all the time in the world figuring out what works best for you!

1. Baby Blue

Also sometimes referred to as sky blue, or simply pastel blue, this is a color that will never go out of style. And yet, many ladies out there are still a bit shy to try squeezing it into their spring wardrobe. After all, baby blue is a difficult color in that it is a light shade, but at the same time, it’s still quite bold. You’re definitely going to turn heads wearing this light shade of blue, and many people worry they might not have what it takes to pull that off.

Our advice? Stop worrying and just go for it! What we love about baby blue dresses is that they work well with a wide array of skin tones (both cool and warm skin, which in itself is quite a feat). It can easily be accessorized to provide a casual everyday look, but it also works well as a classy get-up for a more formal occasion.

2. Flamboyant Red

Do we really need to tell you all the great things about a red dress? We doubt it, but we’re going to tell you anyway. Red is one of the hottest shades to wear this season, particularly when it comes to spring dresses. We know you’re doubtful - you’re thinking red is such a difficult color to pull off, it’s not for me, I don’t want that much attention.

It’s not about attention, and we’ll tell you why. Spring is the season of rebirth, traditionally, of renewal. Of life, in simple terms. And that’s exactly what your bright, bold red dress symbolizes - the renewal of life, the awakening that must inevitably follow every dark and difficult winter. You may have noticed that early on in March, the world seems to be flooded by this general feeling of hope and even joy, as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. A bright red garment expresses just that - it wakes up people around you, and trust us, they’re not going to be thinking “my, she doesn’t have the calves for that”. They’re just going to be grateful for the awakening.

3. Coral Pink

Another big favorite this season seems to be this light, yet energetic shade of coral pink. If you take a quick look at online shopping trends, you’ll definitely note a rise in demand for this shade of clothing, and with good reason.

One of the biggest draws of coral pink spring dresses is that they have such a feminine shade. Yes, all the colors for dresses in this article will make for some killer spring outfits, but none will say “lady” as this shade of coral pink. What’s more, it’s a color that can be worn in every situation you’ll encounter throughout the season. And many dresses are designed to reflect that. The spring dresses collection is peppered with light shades of pink that work both as a casual outfit or, depending on other things (such as accessories, hairdo, make-up), for a formal evening out.

Coral pink is the shade to choose if you’re looking for something to highlight your femininity.

4. Pastel Yellow

Much like the red shade we talked of earlier, pastel yellow has the immense benefit of being bright and eye-catching. With baby blue and coral pink, you can sort of slip away less noticed, but in pastel yellow, you’ll be drawing attention left, right, and center. Particularly in spring.

Why? Easy, that bright (though not angry - remember we’re talking pastels here!) shade of yellow is reminiscent of so many aspects of nature that are synonymous with spring. Pastel yellow immediately puts one in mind of the increased sunlight we get during the spring months. Indirectly, it also suggests warmth and happiness, and who doesn’t want to symbolize that?

Pastel yellow spring dresses are also associated with flowers (which is why many of these dresses have flower patterns), again a symbol of femininity and joy.

5. Teal

You know teal, don’t you? It’s that quirky mix between blue and green in which the two colors morph to create something amazing. Teal is one of our favorite shades for spring dresses because it’s a limited-time offer. Because of its somewhat dark nature, teal doesn’t work well in summer fashion. It’s usually considered too somber for that, just like it’s considered too “bare” for autumn, not to mention winter. So if you want to rock a teal dress, spring is the moment to do it, and online shopping trends definitely reflect that.

Granted, teal has a more formal look, so it might make a great dress for the office or a special occasion, but less so for a casual day-out.

6. Pure White

Ah, the beauty of a pure white dress - is there anything quite like it, and can you ever have too many white dresses? We think not. Unlike teal, pure white is such a versatile clothing color. In dresses, it can create the perfect late summer look but can work just as easily for an early-autumn get-up, or indeed, a welcoming spring look. What we particularly love about easy white dresses is that many can double throughout the warm seasons - you can pair up a white dress with a light denim jacket through the spring, and simply take that off for the hot summer months.

It’s definitely an eye-catching shade, mainly because it suggests openness and daring. True to its name, it reflects purity, and that immediately makes you more noticed.

7. Lavender

Many make the mistake of assuming lavender (particularly pastel lavender) is a summer shade for dresses, but that is simply not true. Lavender, in our eyes, tends to be simply too quiet for a summer look and gets lost in the sun. Sporting a lavender summer dress simply says to the world you didn’t want to go for something more bold and eye-catching.

However, it goes great as a spring look, providing a happy, yet reserved welcome to the warmer months. On the plus side, lavender also works really well with floral prints, so there’s another reason to do some online shopping for your next lavender spring dress!

8. Camel

Camel doubles as a great color for the two intermediate months - spring and autumn. In spring, it beautifully marks the transition from the darker shades of winter to the light colors preferred in the warm weather. A camel knitted dress, for example, can provide the perfect in-between look for those early spring days that still bear a trace of cold weather.

Camel is a very down-to-business shade, and despite what you may think, has the ability to provide a daring spring look. A spring dress in this shade is basically you telling the world “yes, I left my thick coat at home because it’s a new day!”.

Here’s a shade that toes the line between feminine and utilitarian, making for a look that’s both practical and cute.

9. Blush

Blush dresses have all the benefits of a coral pink dress, only lighted. IN case you’re not familiar with the color, blush walks that fine line between a fine pink pastel and just plain off-white. It’s a lighter shade than the coral, so it’s perfect for those days when maybe you’re not wanting to attract a whole lot of attention. Still, blush is a wonderfully feminine and sexy shade with a tonne of accessorizing potential.

Elegance in the office? Check.

Birthday girl outfit? Check.

Romantic night out? Check.

There’s very little that a blush spring dress can’t do.

10. Dark Green.

You’ll notice this is the first actually dark color we have on here. Even though we’re supposed to be leaving dark shades behind in the colder months, we can’t help but bring some dark green favorites into spring with us. Right off the top, dark green is the color of nature. It puts one in mind of the blossoming trees, leaves, stems, and so on. It’s alive, but at the same time, it’s demure enough not to seem too bold. This makes it a perfect color to opt for in more formal settings, such as for an office occasion.

Ultimately, dark green is a timeless color for spring dresses because it associates the wearer with the rebirth of spring, and gives her some incredible appeal.

See something you like? What color in this article are you most likely to look for in your next spring dress? Are you a bold red type, or more of a blush pink lady?

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